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Gerard Brand is a pioneer, a first-class investigator whose tenacity and determination have led him to throw off the shackles in which mosaic arts had been confined for centuries in order to promote mosaics as an artistic discipline in itself, a battle having been fought for more than forty years so that the arts communities as well as especially the mosaic artists seek to question the traditional mosaic instruction and to redefine the very nature of this art through a range of reflections, remarks and experimentations.

Well known and appreciated for his slender , light sculpted shapes and figures , his wavy vibrating surfaces with subtle openwork designs, for creating complex, specific optics and light effects, this generous creator invites us to discover the result of his latest space based outcome: an appealing work of art never achieved before. It is by including iron material to his projects that the artist has now found the so much coveted technical and plastic solution that ensures henceforth the achievement of his daring shapes carried to the extreme and the success of sculptures so close to the mosaic artists’ hearts.

Being a true magician, he creates metal framework structures based on sinuous and tortuous lines upon which he embroiders delicate refined lace patterns of granite. This combination of iron and natural materials cut up into tesserae (tiles, cubes) allows him to design giant structures previously unachievable, curves, rounded and sometimes very stretched shapes, full and empty masses following one another and conveying to each of his mosaic works a very special pace due to their contrasts

Gerard Brand is undoubtedly an outstanding artist. His overflowing imagination and his incredible production capacity never cease to amaze us.


"Life is a strange mosaic work and mosaic art is strangely life! "          Gérard Brand