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Gérard Brand, a mosaic artist

An Alsatian  sculptor born in 1941, lives and works in Obernai.
Countless trips in Africa where he drew a part of his inspiration at the crossroads of the African and Roman Arts.
Exploring and creating a fantastic world of fabulous creatures, he has left the artistic classical frames in order to open up without restrictions within the three dimensions and the colour and light effects arousing a fascinating feeling of freedom.Being an original, atypical artist taking advantage of an overflowing imagination, he has no intention of locking himself into a school of artists.
His work of a perfectionist both springs from his heart and from pure joy. Beyond the prestigious exhibitions that reveal his amazing characters in the French «Hexagon» and elsewhere, let us point out th outstanding achievements that can be seen in Strasbourg, in Abidjan and in Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast), ranging from schools to churches, squares, places and swimming pools.