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  1941   Gérard Brand, born 4th May in Obernai   

First mosaic art exhibition at the Salle des Saints Patrons, OBERNAI (master copy in traditional mosaic arts).

  1963   First mosaic composition and raw recovered iron solder (mainly tools)
  1965   First sculpture « RECUP’ART » patina steel with enameled mosaic of Venice    
  1967   Molding, plaster casting, first important mosaic relief.
  1973   First monumental mosaic work as part of the artist’s 1% participation for artistic creation , marble and slate in semi-relief.           
  1979   First volumes molding and designing hull with spread resin and glass-backed sheets, marble tesserae coverings.
      First steps of « alternative mosaics « research.
      First metal high relief of welded steel with marble and granite mosaics   
  1980   First semi-relief in patinated brass with marble and quartzite
  1981   First great construction project achieved in the Ivory Coast, Africa, monumental mosaic
  1985   Studying overlaying process of large format glass mixed with marble and molten glass tesserae
  1986   a study of thermoforming with application and used to bake the crystal pieces of glass
  1987   Study of stained glass in conjunction with translucent mosaic
  1989   Changing graphics in drawings and forms 
  1993/1994/1995   Study of aesthetic distortion and aging due to the aggression of sand-blasting upon the surfaces 
  1997   ALTERNATIVE MOSAICS   (result of the studies begun in 1979) 
      • stacks and piles
      • coring
  1998   • lace patterns
  2000   Words of objects (and the end of the parietal monumental mosaics)

The salvages, technique with metal structure.

  2004/2005   Mechanic devices, mechanized sculptures and paintings.
  2006/2007   Bone work   in combination with golden enameled mosaics of Venice
  2008   Stainless steel work with intertwined mosaic windows  
  2008/2009   Glass fusing process   and Venice enamels
  2009   « Plasma » work process …. Open work with stylized drawings intertwined with mosaics 
  2009/2010   revisiting work of inlaid embedded terra cotta tiles by Paul Charnoz based on mosaics
  2010/2011   Mosaics in motion - Mosaic words and objects « the African toy » etc …. .

Artistic training :

      • Contemporary mosaic
• Training as an external candidate at the College of Applied Arts in Strasbourg in oil painting, modeling, sculpture
  and study of the materials
• 45 years of research for artistic creativity.